Web Hosting

Website hosting:
Our hosting services team is committed to providing and hosting high quality web sites. Our team is comprised of experienced
professionals with extensive experience in design and hosting web sites for many customers. Our web servers are built on high performance UNIX/ Linux and Apache web server software.

Register a Unique Domain for your company:
We can assist customers with applying and registering for a unique domain name in the Internet name space. Our customers are
provided with free domain parking facility till the websites are ready for hosting.

Host your domain:
We can provide Web server, FTP server, DNS and e-mail services for your domain. Several packages are availbale to suit your
individual and company needs.

Domain parking:
We can park an available domain name of your choice. We shall provide an under construction page till the website is hosted.

Domain Redirection :
We provide domain redirection. Host your pages anywhere and avail our redirection facility.

Technical Support:
We can provide continued technical support and maintenance by the establishment of service contracts and agreements.

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